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AWFUL MODS: 666 Being Tattooed on Baby  

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Hey guys, a lot of you have submitted the video of a mother allowing her young child to be held down and tattooed. Shannon Larratt has brought up an interesting point in an article on Modblog regarding the legality of this and mentions, “If I had to guess, I would say these people are followers…

Good god.

→ Saturday April 6th 2013 / tags:

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    Good god.
  3. boogieforme said: I think all mods have to be CHOSEN by the wearer of the mod, once he/she is at an age where such choices are well considered.
  4. little-miss-darkling said: I think both of the tattooing and circumcision should not be allowed because the child doesn’t consent. Its only a kid and you’re modifying their body for a religion that they aren’t even aware of or guaranteed to follow for the rest of their lives.
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  8. autonihilism said: And since tattooing minors is illegal in most countries - and tattooing toddlers is illegal in all countries, I expect - I’m totally shocked, really.
  9. daughter-of-raistlin said: I feel all body modifications should be for the child to decide as try get older, and preferably as an adult.
  10. bulimic said: Freedom of religion ends where the freedom to the bodily autonomy of others begins. Infant circumcision is an inhumane and irresponsible practice, and the same goes for the tattooing/piercing of babies and children.
  11. josielg said: Her Muslim family. I’d actually seen first hand what it looks like aswell and that poor boy was in so much pain.
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